Jumbo Wings

Tossed in your choice of sauce

10pc -  8         20 pc -   15       50pc -   35

Choice of sauces: Buffalo (mild or hot), BBQ, Sweet Chili, Teriyaki, Garlic Parmesan, Lemon Pepper, Honey Mustard, Bourbon

Chicken Fingers  

Panko breaded chicken fingers served with your choice of sauce  8

Chicken Quesadilla

Toasted tortilla with cheese and peppers, served with sour cream and salsa  9

Eddi's Mame

Steamed and lightly salted edamame, tossed with garlic and Asian chili flakes  6


House fried corn tortilla chips topped with chili, cheese, jalapenos, house made pico and sour cream 10

Add Buffalo or BBQ chicken  3     Add Pulled Pork 5

BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders

Topped with fried pickles  8

Narragansett Beer Battered Cod Bites

Served with Cajun tartar sauce  10


Two for 6

Southwest Egg Rolls

Stuffed with chicken, vegetables, long grain rice and mozzarella cheese  8

Pork Pot Stickers

Steamed or fried, served with sweet chili and Korean BBQ sauces  9

Sauteed Shrimp

Sauteed garlic shrimp tossed in a cherry tomato-sriracha broth, served with toast points  11


Battered and deep fried dill pickles, served with Cajun aioli6

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Grilled chicken, bean sprouts, cucumbers, carrots, served in romaine lettuce cups, finished with peanut sauce   8

Fried Mozzarella Balls

Served with housemade marinara sauce  10

Steak Kabobs*

Marinated steak tips with peppers, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes 11





Romaine lettuce tossed in a creamy Caesar dressing with Parmesan cheese and croutons  7


Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette  7


Baby spinach, roasted red peppers, feta cheese, red onion, cherry tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, balsamic vinaigrette  9  


Arugula, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, red onion, cucumbers, lemon vinaigrette  9


Romaine, eggs, avocado, bacon, blue cheese, cilantro-lime vinaigrette  10


Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, XVOO, balsamic drizzle and pesto, over a bed of arugula  9


Romaine, shredded cheddar cheese, chili, avocado, jalapenos, pico de gallo, and sour cream, served in a tortilla bowl  12  


Add protein to any salad...Chicken 5 / Steak Tips 7 / Salmon 7 / Shrimp 7



All sandwiches are served with your choice of fries or mixed greens. Upgrade to sweet potato fries or tater tots  2

Crispy Chicken

Narragansett beer and sriracha battered chicken breast with shredded lettuce, tomato, pickles, American cheese and mayo on a bulky roll  10

Add Buffalo sauce .50

Shrimp Po Boy

Battered shrimp with shredded lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayo on a French roll  12

Clam Strip BLT Po Boy

Smoke battered clam strips with shredded lettuce, tomato, bacon and mayo on a French roll  12

Italian Grinder

Smoked ham, capicola, Genoa salami, shredded lettuce, tomato, red onion, balsamic glaze on a French roll  11

Blackened Fish

Blackened Cod, shredded lettuce, tomato, red onion, tartar sauce on a bulky roll  11

Caprese Pest Press

Fresh mozzarella, tomato, prosciutto, pesto and aged balsamic glaze on sliced bread  12

Turkey Dip

Oven roasted turkey breast with melted Swiss cheese and caramelized onions on a French roll, served with turkey au jus for dipping  10

Steak and Cheese

8 oz. of extra lean shaved steak, American cheese and mayo on a French roll  11

Add caramelized onions, peppers, sauteed mushrooms  .25 each

BLT Club

Double-decker of Applewood smoked bacon, shredded lettuce, tomato and mayo on sliced bread 9


Genoa salami, smoked ham, Mojo marinated slow cooked pork shoulder, Swiss cheese, pickles and dijon mayo on a French roll10



All burgers are 8oz Ground Chuck Angus Patties and served with your choice of fries or mixed greens. Upgrade to sweet potato fries or tater tots  2


Shredded lettuce and tomato on a bulky roll  9

All American Burger*

American cheese, shredded lettuce, tomato and red onion on a bulky roll  10

Bacon Blue Burger*

Blue cheese crumbles, Applewood smoked bacon, shredded lettuce and tomato on a bulky roll  11

Outlaw Burger*

Peanut butter and jelly, Applewood smoked bacon and crispy onion strings on a bulky roll11

Brass Burger*

Applewood smoked bacon, fried egg, Pepper Jack cheese, shredded lettuce and tomato on a bulky roll12



All sandwiches are served with your choice of fries or mixed greens. Upgrade to sweet potato fries or tater tots  2

Plain Grilled Cheese  6

Buffalo Chicken  8

Carved Ham  8

Pulled Pork  8


Chicken Pesto

Sundried tomato pesto, chicken, caramelized onions and shredded mozzarella  11.50

BBQ Chicken

BBQ, chicken, bacon, scallions, shredded mozzarella and ranch drizzle  12

Meat Lover

Pepperoni, ham, bacon, and shredded mozzarella  13


EVOO base, fresh garlic, roasted red peppers, olives, spinach, red onion and feta cheese  13


Hoisin sauce, shaved steak, bean sprouts, jalapenos, onions, shredded mozzarella and cilantro  10


*This item is raw or partially cooked and can increase your risk of food borne illness. Consumers who are especially vulnerable to food borne illness should only eat seafood and other food from animals thoroughly cooked.

**Please notify your server if there are any allergies in your party